Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PhoneGap: Mobile App Development Framework

PhoneGap: Mobile App Development Framework

What is PhoneGap :

PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework by adobe system to make one mobile application for all mobile operating system. So we can call PhoneGap as platform independent mobile app development. The app made using PhoneGap can run on all famous mobile operating systems like Android, ios, blackberry and windows. So Nowadays PhoneGap becomes very famous due to all these features.

Languages Used:  To develop mobile application using PhoneGap, developer does not required the knowledge about the mobile languages or mobile operating system languages but just required to knowledge about web development language HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

When to use PhoneGap : The developer who want to put his website into the mobile application either online or offline can use PhoneGap to develop mobile application fast using website technology languages.

So before starts working with PhoneGap, you must have knowledge about web technology languages like HTML,CSS and JavaScript.We can not use the native mobile operating system component i.e android,ios,blackberry and windows services and component while developing app using PhoneGap.

We will see how to setup environment to use PhoneGap and how to develop app using it in upcoming tutorial.

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