Monday, April 27, 2015

Android Application Data Storage Options

Nowadays, Android is popular platform for mobile application. So while developing application in android for mobile data management is very important thing. So there are multiple ways to store and handle data in android application. So which way to choose for storing data is depend on our need, such as weather data should private or public to your application and how much space you want or require.

Five Ways to Store Data in android are as follows

1) Shared Preference : Shared Preference stores private data in Key-Value Pair. This option stores data in application level in android system memory. We choose this option while doing Session Management in android.It stores session variables data in Key-Value Pair.

2) Internal Storage :  Internal Storage stores private data of android application on the device memory. The device memory is internal memory of phone or phone built in memory.

3) External Storage : External Storage stores public data of android application on external memory i.e. on external memory card.

4) SQLite Database : SQLite is the option to stores data of android application in private structured database. It store data in table format. So we can use our simple SQL queries to handle or manage data.

5) Network Connection : Network Connection stores the android application data over web with there own network server.

So these are some ways to store and handle data in android. We will see these option in details in upcoming post.

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