Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to install XAMPP on windows

How to install XAMPP on windows

Xampp is open source, free and cross platform open source package. Xampp mainly contain apache http server and mysql database for php website development.

XAMPP stands for xml apache mysql php and perl.


Steps to install xampp as shown below

Step 1: Open your web browser and download XAMPP from

Step 2: Click on XAMPP for windows link as shown below in 

Step 3:  Then on  XAMPP for windows page click on download xampp link

Step 4: Then click on installer link shown below

Step 5: Then the save the XAMPP installation

Step 6: So after download is completed follow the installation step of XAMPP as shown below

Click on next button,

Select all options which you want to install with the XAMPP and click on next button,

Select the drive to install XAMPP in above example 'C' drive then click on next to continue xampp installation and then follow the steps as shown below, Just click on the button circled by red color.

Once the installation is completed. How to start the apache server for php development is shown below,

Step 7: Find the installation path of XAMPP and select the XAMPP folder as shown below,

Step 7: Then find the XAMPP control panel in XAMPP folder and click on xampp-control.exe to open xampp control panel as shown below,

Step 8: The XAMPP control panel look like below. Click on start to start the apche https server.

Then the apache service is started on port number 80 for serving http request and port number 443 for serving https request as shown below. Click on stop for stopping the apche service.

Step 9: Check the apache server started or not by opening http:\\localhost in web browser  then the XAMPP home page appears in browser as shown below.

So successfully completed the XAMPP installation on window. 

Thanks for reading this article.
We will come soon with XAMPP installation on linux...


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